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Products and Policies

I love, love, love finding products that have the ability to change people's lives for the better.  Period.  When I decide to use or endorse a product, it must pass my criteria for quality and integrity and it has to pass both.  If the ingredients are great but the company has no integrity, then I am out.  The reverse of this is also true.  A person may have the highest intention to create a healing product but may not be able to source the best raw materials due to finances or availability.  In that case as well, I am out.  Of course it goes without saying, if they are lacking both, good luck somewhere else.  I believe in the products I recommend and use many of them in my own life.

In order to serve my clients with fair options to acquire the products they request, I offer the following options:

1) Wholesale/Distributor Option: 

There are products I recommend which offer distributorship opportunities which include wholesale prices, auto shipments and business opportunities.  With this option, an account is set up by the client and they order whatever they like at the deeply discounted option.  Products are then shipped directly to the customer. 

2) Retail Option:

If a client is wanting to purchase products and has no desire to be a distributor, they can order from the list of companies I provide to them or from anywhere else and pay full price and have these items delivered directly to their home.  In this instance, they pay suggested retail price (SRP), shipping and tax.  They also have the option of picking up their order from me directly if they don't want items shipped to their home or business.  This option offers no discounts and payment in full is required before ordering.

3) Retail - Personal Shopping Service

If a client is wanting to purchase products and is either unwilling or unable to shop for these products themselves (either through mail order channels or in local stores), then I offer a personal shopping service to them for a nominal fee for my time and effort.  With this option, the  customer tells me what they want to purchase and I do all the leg work to procure the items.  Customer pays SRP, tax and a standard shipping fee per item along with a fair personal shopper's fee.   When products have arrived, arrangements are made for pick up.  In the event they require home delivery, there is an additional charge based on an hourly rate for delivery to their residence.   This option offers no discounts and payment in full is required before ordering.

4) Drop Shipping - There are a few suppliers which will, upon my request, send product directly to my customers.     With this option, products are paid for in advance and are not discounted.  Customer pays SRP, shipping  and tax.

Items which are special ordered are not refundable but may be returned for credit for services only within 30 days, minus restocking fees where applicable. are non-refundable.  All credit card payments will have an additional processing fee. 

No promises are made or implied for cures or healing of any dis-ease or disorder.    All information and products are provided for clients to use as they see fit based on an understanding of their historic use.