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Why I do what i do

Because of my own personal  healing and experience, I founded Abundant Health Services (AHS) in 1987 in an effort to help those seeking an alternative to the traditional medical model and to offer education and practical tools for anyone to learn about the dynamics of dis-ease reversal.  When we understand our part in co-creating dis-ease, we are then able to chart a new course so the same patterns do not repeat themselves again and again as health obstacles.

As a passionate grassroots activist and educator, I work to help people find hope where perhaps there was none and to create a new future beyond their diagnosis into a vibrant new life.  The educator part of me guides you into the world of possibilities through education where better health can be within your grasp and the activism part of me believes you have a God-given right to heal yourself through any source you choose and I help to connect you with those sources.

There are two main criteria you must pass in order to work with me.  One, you must be an adult, 18 or over.  Two, you must be open to the possibility of changing your life.  While it is helpful to have friends and family in your corner supporting your decision to pursue this path, it is not required.  Even if everyone around you thinks you're crazy, I will be your cheerleader and will do whatever I can to connect you with other cheerleaders who understand your situation and support your decision.    You are definitely not alone on your journey.

It is important to note I am not a volunteer.  This is my business and I do charge for my services.  However, I also offer probono services.  Arrangements must be made in advance.   I offer services to fit every budget.

While I have certificates and diplomas in many modalities (see list on the right), my heart finds tremendous satisfaction as an herbalist, Amazon jungle explorer, energy healer, urban farmer, mother, grandmother, animal lover and author.

When I began studying natural remedies to find answers to my own health challenges.  it began my fascinating journey of discovery into the world of nutrition, holistic therapies and vibrational healing which altered my reality, changed my beliefs on what is possible and made me into a lifetime student.  I am truly blessed to be alive at this point in history where modern technology has been able to merge the field of energy medicine with science by creating incredible devices which were only dreamed of as recently as a couple of decades ago.

- Solfeggio Tuning Fork Workshop - ISTA

- Cosmic Octave Tuning Fork Workshop - ISTA

- International Health Coach
- Facial Reflexology & Rejuvenation

- Sound Therapy
- Ethics of Sound Therapy

  & Catastrophic Illness
- Foundation of Subtle Energies

- Intro to Therapeutic Frequencies

- Sound & Facial Reflexes for Anti-Aging
- Transcutaneous Acupuncture Bliss Oil
  Practitioner Certification
- Reiki Mastery Certificate

- Specialized Reiki Attunements

- Certificate - Unlocking Your Potential:  
  Making a Difference in Your Patients 

  & Practice with Enzyme Therapy

- Clinical Use of Light Therapy
- Certificate - Muscles & Meridians
- Certificate - Assisted Yoga Postures 

  from Thai Massage I

- Certificate - Assisted Yoga Postures from 

  Thai Massage II
- Nova Vita Center for Natural Medicine

  Guayaquil, Ecuador

  Neuro-Auricular Therapy
- Certificate - Hand Reflexology
- Certificate - Bach Flower Essence I & II
- Certificate - Raindrop Technique 
- Certificate - DNA I & II Theta Healing
  & Theta Healing Advanced DNA II
- Certificate - National Certification Board
- EFT Intensive  - Increasing Intuition
- Diploma - Professional Massage Therapy
- Certificate - NeuroMuscular Therapist
- Certificate - Chair Massage 
- Certificate - Reflexology 
- Certificate - Food As Medicine from Center    for Mind Body Medicine