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While having the support of friends and family is helpful when overhauling your life, it can still be done even if they are not on board.  Frequently well meaning loved ones will direct their anger toward something they do not understand.  Please know you are not alone and there are groups available to assist you on your journey if you should need the support.  There are thousands of people on the same path looking for answers and finding the truth outside of the traditional medical model.

Abundant Health Services is not a drop in facility.  All clients and vendors must make an appointment which will be based upon availability.  If you would like to solicit business for your product, you may call for more information.


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If a consultation is desired, a brief call is made to discuss the condition, my philosophy and fees.  If we agree to work together, an appointment is scheduled either in person or over the phone.  At the designated time we have a conversation which lasts approximately one hour after which I send detailed notes usually within 5-7 business days.  I make it very clear I am not a doctor and do not cure, prescribe or diagnose;  instead, I offer information as to what I would do if if I was experiencing the same condition based on my decades of personal experience.  All clients agree to the policies on the products page before we agree to a working relationship.


  • The New Epidemic:  Blind Faith in Pharmaceuticals
  • The Living Belly
  • The Fungus Among Us
  • Herbal Medicine 101
  • Sustainable Living in Suburbia
  • Eating Organic in a GMO World
  • Aromatherapy 101
  • Food As Medicine
  • Everything is Energy, Even You
  • The 4th Phase of Water - How to Program Water for Healing
  • Epigenetics: Your Personalized Health Control Panel
  • Negative Emotions: Roadblocks to True Healing
  • Homeopathy - Invisible Healer
  • Cancer:  The Truth Will Set You Free
  • 10 Free Things to Change Your Life
  • What The Bible Says About Healing
  • Spiritual Nutrition
  • Fruit of the Spirit Diet & Detox
  • Vaccines - The Human Experiment

Is your life busy?  Have you been waiting for the perfect time to the take charge of your health?  You may know there are changes to be made in your lifestyle but trying to navigate the wild waters of mis-information can be a little scary.  Well, don't do it alone ... let The Herbmom be the hand you hold into a brand new world of a healthy body, mind and spirit.   

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