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The current traditional  health care system in the US does not support prevention or dis-ease reversal.  Since it supports dis-ease management with drugs and hiding the truth,  it should really be called a sick care system.   The pharmaceutical industry has polished their campaign,  working hard to ensure natural therapies do not have a voice by discrediting them at every turn.  This ultimately keeps people on the hamster wheel of death for so many things that are not medication worthy.  To be clear, I am not against medicine;  I am against medicine without a conscience.  So ask yourself,  if lifestyle dis-eases can be both preventable and reversible by simple lifestyle changes combined with commitment and personal responsiiblity, then why is our population sicker than ever?  Our nation is overfed and undernourished and perishing from a lack of knowledge that is being hidden from us right  in plain sight.  We must educate ourselves and be our own advocate.  Let's take back our power and be responsible for our own health.  Every family needs a health advocate and every community needs informed families.  This is the circle which creates life and offers hope.

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Welcome to The Herbmom home page.    If you are looking for consultations, classes, workshops, seminars, festivals or other special events in the world of holistic health then you are in the right place.  Likewise, if you are tired of managing your dis-eases into an ever increasing downward spiral of more and more medications with quality-of-life-altering side effects, then you are also in the right place.  This site is dedicated to those who those who have died needlessly because they did not know the truth was available and to those who fight now and hope for a better future, believing down deep in their soul that it is not just a dream but is absolutely possible.    My personal belief is that everyone should understand ALL their options when faced with decisions about their health so informed choices can be made instead of being fueled by fear when they are faced with a personal health crisis.


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The Herbmom is constantly on the lookout for specialized services which add to the value of our community.  It truly does take a village.  Let's build our economy and support local business whenever possible.  Greater satisfaction, smaller footprint, win-win.

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The Herbmom provides education and wellness options to clients around the world.  Wellness includes body, mind and spirit and can be simplified to meet your needs and your budget.   Don't wait for a health crisis to get you to take action.  Hiring a coach to help guide you in a lifestyle that supports your goal is a step in the right direction.